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4 New Year's Resolution for an Artist or Writer

The new year is fast approaching (again) but never before has it been riddled with such uncertainty and anxiety, at least in my lifetime, not counting infamous 9-11. We are supposed to reflect on this year with awe and amazement, except, I don't know about you, it is not of the positive kind due mainly to the unfortunate political climate.  As each year passes, however, I think of the opportunities I've missed delving more into my art and writing. You may be fired up and "resisting" with great fever and pitch, and all I can say I am so jelly.  I have become the political junkie, knowing names of political figures, reciting the day's scandal du jour , but it hardly gets transferred onto paper whether by words or art, I just end up reading other artist/writer friends do it. My days are made of daydreams and whether its patience or complacency, I muster enough motivation to keep things going.  So, if you are like me, striving to be better, here are some tip

An Artist/Writer Wish List