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Age is Nothing but a Number

In the United States, we yearn and celebrate youth.  Every turn we take, we hear: fresh faces , fresh ideas , young minds , new perspectives , to describe what we need for our collective consciousness to move forward, and now we hear this ring true in our politics, this need to elect younger candidates to force out the old and tired voices.  It even rings more true in the tech industries, with the new fan-dangle apps and wireless everything, coding for kids. Of course when I was younger, I was the least phased about what this all meant because I stood at the threshold of many possibilities.  It's true that older generations give way to the next generation, but what's even true is that age does not matter in creativity.   Look at Dr. John Goodenough, who at 94 has a patent pending for a new kind of battery that will change the way we live.  94!  He was featured in the New York Times article by Pagan Kennedy who wrote, "A study of Nobel physics laureates fo

5 Reasons to Start & Keep a Journal

T hroughout my lifetime I have started many, many journals that are still scattered throughout my house.  From time-to-time I take a deep breath and delve into the blast from the past, which is usually a brave endeavor, to say the least.  Why? Because I have mainly started journals to document most difficult times of my life.  One, for example, is my divorce chronicles from 20 plus years ago.  When I revisit it, I reopen the wounds slightly but not entirely because I come away with it with a sense of accomplishment that I have indeed survived that ordeal.  I look back and think about all the injustices and also the regrets.   Some of you may have approached journaling as a place to dump all the horrors, and to be honest, I do have some more light-hearted ones with some very, very awful poems that have evolved into more palatable ones...but most of my journals were experimental, raw, often incoherent, which stored my anxieties and obsessions. Journaling, however, doesn