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Fun at the Photo Booth!

Before I'm Dead

A starving artist is such an anomaly.  There's many of us out there.  Some of us are able to maintain productivity regardless and continually be inspired regardless.  While others (like me) are waiting for art to happen -- and it hardly happens on a shoe string budget and the energy to produce anything because of stressing over paying the bills.  Those big canvases and art supplies aren't going to materialize itself, you know.   So, when I think about art and the elite class, those who actually buy art and sometimes appreciate it, I often fantasize running in those circles.  How would it be for once be appreciated? Sure I've exhibited in small venues, and I am grateful for it; however, that's small time.  Many came to appreciate it but hardly bought a thing.   It's also nice to have that emotional support, that everyday cheerleader in your life that supports what you do but sometimes what's needed most is the patron of your art.  Someone who will