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Puñeta: Political Pilipinx Poetry

Read my poem: " LINE THEM UP " @Copyright 2017 belongs to the respective author of each work. Locofo Chaps is an imprint of Moria Books.  More information can be found at Cover image: “Puñeta” (2015), embroidered on cotton by Jenny Ortuoste Locofo Chaps is dedicated to publishing politically-oriented poetry. Chicago, USA, 2017  CONTENTS Michelle Bautista: “FLOW”        Mg Roberts: “notes from the gyre”        Kimberly Alidio: “I was born for a stricter regime” Jose Padua: “Headhunters”         Kimberly Alidio: “[untitled]”        Luisa A. Igloria: “PEOPLE LIKE US”        Glynda Velasco: “The F Word”        Barbara Jane Reyes: “Prayers of Petition”       Jose Padua: “Seven and Seven Is”        Cristina Querrer: “LINE THEM UP”        Angela Peñaredondo: “RETURN”        Jean Vengua: SEPTEMBER 5, 2013        Aileen Ibardaloza: “APOLOGY”        Leny M. Strobel: “On the Limits of Grief”       Angela Peñaredondo