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Wear My Art! Here is your chance to wear my art! I was approached by Vida's artist representative to feature my art. As you know, my work is not digital art. These are my paintings and drawings. They'll be more to come. Enjoy!

Language of Suicides

I know it so well The connotations of crisp Linen shirt before it wrinkles The vowels of vibrant Oaks against a bleak sky It moans melancholy mists Among the moss I can sign in the language To the deaf -blind-mute Darkened dank pit Cold, endless  My love has lost his life In the quicksand He chose to step  Into the hole as I grasped So desperately on to the  Last palm tree standing With my arm outstretched Not being able To reach him I hurt myself To watch him die I cannot understand His words anymore It's become muddled It echoes eternal Deception of depth How can you love Something so frightful So terminal, so quickly  Yet it drags on for  Many lifetimes Many, many days Of such grief

My Short Fiction, "Ex-Pats", in Print!

Find my short fiction, "Ex-pats" in this issue of The Transnational: A Literary Magazine USA :*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Germany : Hugendubel: Amazon Deutchland: It is available at Amazon UK , too. The Transnational is a bilingual literary magazine which publishes authors from all around the world who offer a new approach to the political and social landscape of the 21st century. Worldwide. In English & German. Texts which are published in the Transnational can dissolve existing boundaries or suggest new ones. They can make us question our beliefs, champion social justice and human rights, war and psychological violence, giving rise to provocative or soothing thoughts. We believe that all great literature is revolutionary and necessary. Great writers are honest. They call upon us as read