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Worlds Apart

Is the wasted time
pining over you  while you chased Pohnpeian skirts under palm trees
Is the Wisconsin & Chicago winter wishing you'd finally bring me warmth
Is the Connecticut apartment as I worked that part-time job long enough for you to convalesce from arm surgery
Is the Florida sunshine that turned to shouts & screams among your sickening souvenirs  from your romps in paradise
Is the moment I fled again in disarray & confusion & the many months coming back when you can only half love me
Is when you stopped receiving my calls & texts altogether even while you lived only less  than a mile from me

Is now you are in my house
laying on the same intermittent bed
& all I can smell is
the smallness of you

The Collectors

I am going to do something a little unusual in this blog post and take a short break from my poetry to focus on a topic that has been on my mind and that is collecting fine art. Why do some of us do it and how does one start off collecting?

Well, collecting anything starts off with a passion whether it is to collect the rarest of finds or of a particular thing.  I know I have a penchant for anything dragonflies, owls and now my latest and greatest, elephants!  I collect these things with many representations and varieties because it makes me happy.  

The same thing can apply to collecting fine art.  You have to choose what speaks to you, I suppose, and depends at what level you want to take this passion to.

One of Pablo Picasso's famous quote goes "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."  So, let that marinate in your mind for a little bit and see where does that concept fit in your life?  Can you see yourself investing on some "daily life …