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Episode 9: Peter J. Crowley

Peter J.  Crowley is a fine arts photographer from New England, now living in Olympia, Washington. He has amassed exquisite photos and portraits from people and his surroundings in Norwich, New London and Windham, CT, and wherever he may find himself. But his works include prolific and international recognition. Listen to us talk about how we met, his artistic vision and practices as well as his hope for the future. His website is   Peter & his granddaughter, Inara Bio & Artist Statement: Peter J. Crowley has worked as a professional photographic artist and teacher for over thirty years.  Throughout his prolific career, Peter's work has come to exemplify not only his purist approach to the medium, but to many people, mastery of the sensuously precise image. His ability to interpret light as emotion has allowed Peter to reproduce the subtleties of tone and sculptural form that is so apparent in his superbly printed photographs. Th

Episode 8 - Yvonne Neth

Yvonne Neth is a prolific visual artist working in several mediums.  Listen to us discuss her views on cultural and environmental preservation, as well as her thoughts on striking the balance as a mother and artist, and her experience being a woman in a tech field while gaining her commercial pilot license. Yvonne Neth was born on the island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) to Pohnpeian and Chamorro parents. She spent her growing years both on Pohnpei and on the island of Saipan in the Northern Marianas. Yvonne attended university in Honolulu, majoring in cultural anthropology, and also earned her FAA Commercial pilot’s license during her years in Hawaii. She returned to Pohnpei in 2009, and worked as a co-pilot for Caroline Islands Air. Eventually, the FSM Government employed Yvonne as their Aviation Operations Inspector for the nation's Division of Civil Aviation. After three years, she shifted from this position and became the Vice-Director for t

Episode 7: Kristy Bowen

Kristy Bowen, the founder and editor of   dancing girl press & studios  has been a pivotal vehicle for promoting women poets & writers in her e-zine "Wicked Alice" and chapbook series at "dancing girl press".  Listen as we discuss how she started the venture, how she chose the name of dancing girl press, how she grew the press and studio, and her influences and creative processes as a poet and an artist in the book arts. Kristy Bowen is a writer and book artist working in both text and image. She is the author of  a number of chapbooks, zines, and artist book projects, as well as several full-length collections of poetry/prose/hybrid work, including SALVAGE  (Black Lawrence Press, 2016) and MAJOR CHARACTERS IN MINOR FILMS (Sundress Publications, 2015). Based in Chicago, she runs  dancing girl press & studio and spends much of her time writing, making papery things, and editing a chapbook series devoted to women authors.  To see more her insi

Episode 6: Tony Robles

This year is very significant in that it is the 10 year anniversary of the passing of Poet, Tony Robles' uncle, Manong Al Robles.  His uncle started, along with Bill Sorro and others, the Manilatown Heritage Foundation, an organization that keeps alive the memory of the International Hotel and Manilatown.  Tony Robles is now traveling to the Philippines on a Journey called, "The Al Robles Express" to Kalinga in the North of the Philippines.  The journey is in dedication to Al Robles and his work as a poet and activist. More info about Tony Robles is on his blog: Tony  Robles --The People's poet, was born and raised in San Francisco.  He is the author of two collections of poetry/short stories, entitled "Cool Don't Live Here no More--A letter to San Francisco" and "Fingerprints of a Hunger Strike", both published by Ithuriel's Spear Press.  Tony is also the author of children's books, &quo

Interview with Literature class @ American University in Phnom Penh, Combodia

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