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Order My New Poetry Chapbook: "My Burlesque" Querrer's latest poetry chapbook, "My Burlesque", is a dark collection of the macabre scenes into one's interior: of nostalgia, failed relationships, and soul-wrenching memories.ISBN 978-1-71662-879-5Pocket Book (4.25 x 6.875 in / 108 x 175 mm), 36 Pages, Black & White Standard, 60# (90 GSM) White Paper, Paperback, Glossy CoverSample poem:  THE BODY HE GAVE MEHe would have built
a case around it—the reasons 
why he would call me cunt
Oh, like no woman 
has heard the man 
that she loved
go there in that dark 
well of knives and daggers?
I would stand affront,
empty, speechless
on my linoleum floor.
I learn his language
and repeat it back to him. 
He scoffs.
Disappears for days.
The roots intertwine now 
beneath our feet 
that no matter the pull, 
the push, it's just useless 
thrashing about
because all I can 
remember that day
as I stood there frozen 
looking down at my body, 
speechless, watching it conform 
to those descriptions of me.

Episode 60: Clinnesha D. Sibley

Yay!  The 60th episode.  How surreal.  I introduce to you Clinnesha D. Sibley, a writer & playwright with many publications and theatrical productions under her belt.  Hear us discuss her process, her advice to writers, & what creative projects she's working on now. 
http://yourartsygirlpodcast.comhttp://thewriteaddiction.comA Love Letter to NtozakeYou played with Barbies and watched as little boys gawked at Cindy Crawford in a Pepsi commercial.Your teacher suggested The Babysitters Club, “Kristy’s Great Idea” for your bookproject because it was heartwarming, not um…controversial… like The Bluest Eye.You watched The Cosby Show and knew you wanted to be that kind of black.You were eating grandma’s field peas and okra when you got your period.Mama was workin. Stayed workin.Your body changed immediately and grandma gave you a girdle.Same kind of girdle she gave your mama.You stayed lookin in the mirror hoping your ass would catch up to your chest and hips.It never did, not on …

Episode 59: Dominique M. Carson

Dominique M. Carson has interviewed over 100 notable figures in entertainment.  Listen to us discuss how she became a journalist for major publications and author of two biographies as well as how message therapy has sustained her while she continued to pursue her artistic goals.

http://yourartsygirlpodcast.comhttp://dominiquecarson.contently.comBIO: Dominique M. Carson is a freelance journalist, researcher, massage therapist, reporter and author. Carson's work has been featured in several publications including, The Grio, NBC News,,, Education Update, and Brooklyn news media outlets. She interviewed over 100 notable figures in entertainment such as Charlie Wilson, Regina Belle, Patti Labelle, Kirk Franklin, and many more. She also collaborated with Brooklyn historian and journalist, Suzanne Spellen and launched a 118 page journal on Lefferts Manor, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, and is releasing a biography on an R&B musician this fall whil…