Sunday, November 30, 2014

Man of Might

"Turned Away" graphite on paper by Cristina Querrer

I only want company of mighty men. 
Not of bronze and steel but with flesh 
that is palpable, of unrefined sugar,

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tender Brevity

"Strumming My Pain" graphite on paper by Cristina Querrer

You must think I am a woman
who is mad about armor
the redwood tree that 
rips itself from its roots 
to feel its pain kind

I am a woman who is mad
about the languid, plunging
deep and hard into the earth kinds
not paper thin things 
that depend on gust of wind
to get anywhere

I need a feel me kind
of weight, heavy weight
keep up with my steps
my sighs
my sobs
Not the faux luxe
the shine
slick silk, surface stuff

For that fleshy armor
the one that yearns 
to be lustrous, tenacious 
and glorious is stock
and tender brevity
is forever lost on them

Give me the marrow
the center of things where
endless streams of blood
runs through imaginative veins
I shall stand steadfast there

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The fog and mist
collected lightly
on my skin
this morning.

I breathed in
the new day,
yesterday's words
as I rounded
the bend.

In the early morning
darkness I gathered
up visions from
last night's dream.

You appeared
quite suddenly
and briefly near
the end and
wondered why
you continue
to do so.

Why would
you still come
at the end
and the beginning
of my days?

You have no
right to
interfere with
my life, still
elusive and
as this mist.

What have you
to tell me
this hour
that you cannot
tell me yourself?

You wish
to be with me
but won't?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Than Survive

I renamed this drawing to "Branching Off" because in essence that's where I find myself doing at this juncture.  I feel the universe is working with me, sending me opportunities, giving me hope that I can indeed realize and actualize.

Next week is Thanksgiving and this year is coming to a close.  What a hell year it has been for me: in limbo, groping in the dark for direction, untangling myself from someone who has discarded me a long time ago and I did not know until just recently...all I was doing is hanging on a mere thread and feeding off of crumbs.  Definitely not a way to exist.

I will learn to listen more and see more and experience more as the new year comes around.  As I branch out, I plan to set my roots, at least more than just drifting as of late in "dead pan water", I wrote in one poem.  

I thank my family and friends who have been there for me--for all that they do--for it means so much to me.  

However, this year, I just don't want to survive but thrive.  I wish you the same in solidarity, my dear artsy fartsy friends...