Friday, January 7, 2011

Small World

Can I tell you what a small world it is?

Today I decided to take my youngest daughter to eat after I picked her up after school and decided to go to The Ohana Cafe on Orange Street in Ozona. Since I have been inducted to the health food, whole food arena, I wanted to check this new place out.

I went on their website to check out the menu and it sounded really gourmet and scrumptious. Well, today, out of all days was the first day they extended their hours to evening hours. Before I went, however, I wanted to confirm over the phone that yes, indeed, they were open.

A cheerful woman named Teresa answered the phone and when we finally arrived at her restaurant she welcomed me and my daughter with a hug and an "Aloha". We automatically felt at home.

While we were waiting for our food, the waiter (who I found later is Teresa's husband) was talking to one of the older female customers about her son who went to school with him in Alaska. Now they never met before! Yet, here we are in sleepy, old Ozona (which is adorable), in Florida, he happens to meet the mother of one of his former classmates who he went to school in Alaska with!

It was our time for being served, with the freshest, organic food and ingredients--all so delicious, I might add. After we met the chef, smiled at a few waitresses, I asked Teresa's husband, if Teresa was Hawaiian Filipina, and he said yes. 

"I knew it," I said, "because I'm half Filipina."

Then he said something about her father was in the Air Force in the Philippines.

"Really?" I questioned. "Filipino or US Air Force?"

"US Air Force," he said.

"Was she at Clark Air Force Base?" I asked excitedly.


"Did she go to Wagner High School?"

"Yes, I think so."

"What year did she graduate?"


"Oh my God, I graduated in '85!"

At that moment, he went back to the kitchen to tell Teresa and all I heard was a scream and an, "Oh my God!"

You see, even after traveling all over the world, you can find someone from your past in the most unusual, most remote, most low-key parts of the world. Teresa, her husband, and I did!

Today, was a true testament.

Here's to all you military brats!