Sunday, June 26, 2016

Curator of Lost Things

Would drink or sleep a life away
if left to his demise
whenever he feels steady enough 
however he will
discard old newspapers
flabbergasted suddenly 
by the clutter he once
couldn't live without
forgotten about
how he was like
makes up memories to justify
months of madness ranting on
how I painted a demented
snake oil doctor 
administering poison to the public
yet he was simply a man
mulling about
mopey and mean spirited
takes advantage of trigger points
those reckless Pacific nights that 
engulfed me from afar
took almost but
a year after the final pack up
took every speck of sadness
to displace his despondency
oh, dreaded days 
of dull trepidation
& resentments again arise from
the ocean for they were 
too buoyant to sink to the bottom 
like shipwrecked relics
downward deep and dark
is a skeleton 
a shell of someone
my Cervantes
my Cicero 
my curator 
of lost

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wear My Art!

Here is your chance to wear my art! I was approached by Vida's artist representative to feature my art. As you know, my work is not digital art. These are my paintings and drawings. They'll be more to come. Enjoy!

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Have Two Lovers

One is a real lover
Well, kinda, sorta
Not in the Hallmark card sense either
but more a lover 
than his twin, for sure
He softens the mornings 
in his lab coat
reaching for the coffee pot
and in one swift, orchestrated move
a kiss and hug
until he swings you across 
the room, spinning senselessly

The other one is a wounded child
try to remember that, between tantrums
what triggers his discontent
so don't use his hateful words against him
because his mornings
are grey and cold, no amount of coffee
can remedy the cold shoulder
the complaints, for never being able
to be compliant enough
to take that elixir he slips
in your drink so knowingly

One speaks of books he's read
the great finds you found him
from the dollar store
by Pulitzer Prized authors, even
He rants at the spin doctors on NPR
Hates politicians, hates bad people
The other one drives his truck on the 
very edge of the sidewalk at full speed
because he wants to scare you, and then
laughs when he does

Soon enough the lab-coated man
doesn't appear in the mornings anymore
even the coffee pot starts to grumble
He is devoured, like Superman devoured
Clark Kent, but they are both there
like Siamese Twins, their hearts
are fused together, and pretty soon
you will lose yourself and both 
by fucking with the Bermuda Triangle

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Short Fiction, "Ex-Pats", in Print!

Find my short fiction, "Ex-pats" in this issue of The Transnational: A Literary Magazine




It is available at Amazon UK, too.

The Transnational is a bilingual literary magazine which publishes authors from all around the world who offer a new approach to the political and social landscape of the 21st century. Worldwide. In English & German. Texts which are published in the Transnational can dissolve existing boundaries or suggest new ones. They can make us question our beliefs, champion social justice and human rights, war and psychological violence, giving rise to provocative or soothing thoughts. We believe that all great literature is revolutionary and necessary. Great writers are honest. They call upon us as readers to experience the intangible. The Transnational ist ein zweisprachiges Literaturmagazin, in dem Autoren aus aller Welt veroffentlicht werden, die sich auf kreative Art und Weise mit der politischen und sozialen Landschaft des 21. Jahrhunderts beschaftigen. Weltweit. Auf Englisch & Deutsch. Die Texte, die im Transnational veroffentlicht werden, sprengen im Idealfall althergebrachte Grenzen oder gestalten die imaginare Landschaft um sich herum neu. Sie konnen unser geistiges Fundament in Frage stellen, unsere Vorstellungen von einer sozialen Gerechtigkeit, von Menschenrechten, Kriegen, physischer oder psychologischer Gewalt - sie konnen beruhigen oder provozieren. Wir glauben, dass gute Literatur nicht nur notwendig, sondern revolutionar ist und gute Schriftsteller es schaffen, den Leser auf eine ehrliche Art und Weise etwas nicht unmittelbar Greifbares durch Worte erleben zu lassen."