Saturday, August 30, 2014

Creativity and Travel

I have for so long neglected my writing and artistic pursuits, and lately, I have this vision of starting a new book.  Don't know what the premise will be, but I definitely feel it brewing.

This is a good sign.  I just have to follow all the good tips on how to kick-start creativity and get back to a creative lifestyle.  I have been concentrating on how to get my foot in the door at the college institution full-time so that I can have stability, but I now realize that the moment is NOW.  Like now is a better time than any to continue traveling.   Why wait until retirement?

I want to go to Europe, an area I have not visited yet.  I will also start saving for my high school reunion trip to Costa Rica in 2015.  I always believed in order to experience a place, you actually have to live there, but there's also times where just being there can just be as rewarding.

As I am nearing 50, I see how important it is to check off those things on my bucket list.  The earlier, the better.  There is also something said about experiencing something when you are younger versus older.  You definitely see things and feel things differently at those different stages.  Of course, the latest experiences are the most immediate, so that is why it is important to continue having new experiences and fuel the creativity.  Also, from my past experiences, if I am to embark on a wonderful journey, that if I am to bring a significant other, I will make sure that this person does not have an agenda other than experiencing things together and sharing wonderful moments with me and my family.

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