Monday, January 16, 2017

Denying Your Wounds

sullen as flattened pillows
that are useless to sink into dreams

& rusty nails driven so deep
fantasies of sleep prevail

lovers close the door on a past
but nothing can resurrect

those moments before 
contentment contaminates

the canvas with realism 
struck in awe by how perfect

water droplets are on the golden challice
yet representations of light

go unnoticed in the scheme of things
the gallows, sunken ships in the foreground

Judith & Holofernes struggle
in that scene in the dark--his wound

from childhood come to existence
her wounds gone unnoticed

yet she won the cause, defeated 
the pain with her own intentions

but what if she loved him, this tormentor?
she would have given up her body

like communion but he would drink
all the wine, wipe his lips, & walk away again

never to promise to surrender
never to say he would

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