Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Man Who Lives on the Crooked Lane

There is a man who lives slantingly
with an uneven sky peeking
through missing teeth
of the Venetian blinds

Has a yellow dog that
half yawns & half wags
walks sideways like a
sidewinder snake

Lampshades leaning
gaping open 
on one side 
blanched light exposing
dusty bookshelves

A china set from the 70s
of beige ochre flowers
stacked sensibly
in warped cabinets

Memories of many 
women & children
who came & went there
are buried in the backyard

Along with the handprint 
of my daughter
in the sidewalk
& the year 2011 
spelled out with
sea shells 

Clucking black chickens 
lay eggs in the overgrown garden
hasn't been tilled in years
wiry weeds growing between
the rusty fence

The lanai still has his
toilet bowl planter
& dingy wooden windchimes
keepsakes from
three relationships ago
spanning thirteen years

One day his creeky bones 
will move away
from the crooked lane
or die there with his
crumbling knick knacks
& unraveling wicker chair
propped up on one side
with a cement block

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