Monday, April 11, 2016

Practice with Me

"Contemplating" (self portrait by Cristina Querrer)

There is a fetid wind that bawls
when love and light are certain, as if
they cannot stand unaccompanied—
single painter and the universe battling
between stillness and voices. 
Too much light gives too much joy
and too much joy is just too much. 
Therefore, learn only to count
the actions of someone
for words and song are derisory,
because there is no haven
to latch on to, no heaven to see
but oceans with serious quandaries
and mountains full of warlords
pilfering in the night.  Oppose
darkened edges with warmth
from summer's equinox,
for elongated days gives
the brute and the drifter
new chances for sagaciousness.
Open the curtains.
Let me quietly memorize you
in the light in case I had to
recite what it was

that I learned.


Curious Sailor said...

Always incredible!

Cee Que said...

Thanks, as always, for your readership!!