Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Discourses of the Day

"Self Portrait" photo by Cristina Querrer

I offer taro root,
vermilion, ineptitude,
and disbelief. 
Not used to

such attentive trees,
courteous hands, these 
trivial chores to
maintain a heart. 

Clothes hang out to dry
after being beaten and wrung out
by the riverbed.
The menial chatter

from the tribe
about the day's work—year's
planning and planting.
What it is to start

in the jungle's interior 
to find one's foothold
and clearing?
What it is to start

this morning
in between
the dormant sun
and stirring souls? 

Coffee brewing.
My child on my bed
curled up on a mammoth

cloud.  I climb upward,
looking, encouraged,

yet praying.