Monday, January 25, 2016

The Conchologist

"Shells from a Dream" - pastel and charcoal on paper
by Cristina Querrer
I am in love with theories.  He sees
hearts as shells. Concupiscent order--
golden ratio of the conch,
milky mother of pearls
he dove many fathoms for but did not
conciliate his hunger.  He counts, 
collects, arranges, this gatherer
of things. Writes songs that do not
praise beauty. Though he knows how
divine it is. Scientific.
Un-shaman like. He keeps
finding new breeds to name.
The hypocrisy of the hull that
holds a heart of a creature
just for the sheen and texture
of time. The currents, sand,
and sudden storms that shaped
us, his meritorious collection
are deceptive measurements
of who I have become.

~appeared in "Art of Exporting" a poetry chapbook by Cristina Querrer, published by dancing girl press