Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Worst of my dreams came true today
Cannot think straight, so overtaken by grief

Blame me for the pitying putrid tears
Bastion of verisimilitude
Squirrel away the mannequin
Thoughtfully displayed martyr

Left wondering who could ever have
Stripped me down, shiny & stark
Literally string my pearls of words
To make a mockery of me

Trimmings are deceptive, false illusions
Sell the boat, the house, the car
Run me over with your tires some more

So dispensable, sad but true

A catalog of old washing machines
Abandoned, used and left to rust

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Greatest Show on Earth

"Jazz Dancer" graphite on paper by Cristina Querrer

I have rare skills, you know, that helped
me propel through mucky oil spills
like juggling my razor-sharp catastrophes 
on a unicycle wearing my best sequined leotard

What you now deem as a lonely rodeo
my only show in town will be something 
people will pay to see one day
and let's hope you matter to them 
as much as you did to me

If I still ask you to tune in now and then
to a movie worth watching
about telepathic lovers
is not because I've forgotten 
all the dead fish still floating in the sea

I'm fast-forwarding to good stuff
Selfies of us at the Grand Canyon yet to be taken
not me the paralyzed clown on the tight rope
in my multicolored tutu and matching parasol

Be my dumpster diver in the back of the Big Top
and dig up that elusive pearl
in between the mop and the pizza box
revealing the irony within that alone

Return to me briefly again
like that reappearing rabbit
in the magician's top hat that quickly
runs back down that rabbit hole
and offers me up paper flowers instead

Sure there's a fire ablaze in the tent
nothing that our ambling firetruck crew
in clown gear can't squash and only if
you stay even when the Master of Ceremonies
tells us to leave that then and only then