Monday, July 13, 2015

The Missing Year

I hopscotch the days
In my mind
Watching my wobbly legs
Barely keep balance
As I reach down painfully
For the shiny stone

I stitch the gaping holes with
Threads from old garments

Tether ropes between fence poles
To hang colorful 
Tibetan prayer flags
Spin the prayer wheel
& chant

How beautiful the colored fabrics are
Dancing with light and clouds

But it’s like skipping 
A whole chapter in a book
Fast forwarded and incomplete
Try to figure out  what   where    how

Foreshadowed character flaw
Spelled out on page one

Truth eludes me
When I think of that time
I lose balance
Drop my foot and start all over
Repeat all the bad parts

Keeps tripping me up
Won’t let me reach SKY

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