Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pictured Woman

somewhere where
my body
somewhere where
I give it
all away do I
lose it all
in order for you
to do it again

kindness is lost
there by the door
swinging wide onto
a sex scene
thrusting tentacles
trust you to
come into me
but not only me
freeze it there

what is left
magnifiers zoom
into that hotel room
with the mirrored
closet & disgusting
bed spread splayed
wide open

legs & hands in between
her faceless chin
her gnarly thumb at
picture's corner
next to the naked body

picture is worth
thousand of those
thrusting into me
there it is again
she is me or am I now
her in front of that mirror

a faceless chin
my pleasure sir
take a picture
to please you &
pass it on

throw my trail
of lovers back at me
for imagination's
far more real
than pure pornography
you say

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