Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Burlesque

I am a hangnail
magnet to irreverent people
a broken handle
unaddressed envelope

No room to stretch
to dream about freedom
swinging from one cage to another

The circus goers sneer
call me foul things
I perform out of habit
for them

Dank hole full of
deference, manure
and uneducated patrons
behaving badly

Potheads with peanuts
pretending to know
acting like they know

Laugh at this old woman
who did what she was told
and when she didn't
she still failed 
they laughed harder

For whatever the cause
it wasn't sufficient
children lash at me
and all follow suit 

No more from me
I'll go into the darkness
when my part is done
as badly as I performed
all these years

It doesn't matter
if I stopped acting now
they wouldn't know 
what to do without
an elephant to kill
for pleasure

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