Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Than Survive

I renamed this drawing to "Branching Off" because in essence that's where I find myself doing at this juncture.  I feel the universe is working with me, sending me opportunities, giving me hope that I can indeed realize and actualize.

Next week is Thanksgiving and this year is coming to a close.  What a hell year it has been for me: in limbo, groping in the dark for direction, untangling myself from someone who has discarded me a long time ago and I did not know until just recently...all I was doing is hanging on a mere thread and feeding off of crumbs.  Definitely not a way to exist.

I will learn to listen more and see more and experience more as the new year comes around.  As I branch out, I plan to set my roots, at least more than just drifting as of late in "dead pan water", I wrote in one poem.  

I thank my family and friends who have been there for me--for all that they do--for it means so much to me.  

However, this year, I just don't want to survive but thrive.  I wish you the same in solidarity, my dear artsy fartsy friends...  

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