Monday, October 6, 2014

Meditation 101

It's Peace Week at Pasco-Hernando State College, and today I stayed for the Introduction to Meditation session and was reminded again the power and importance of meditation.  The professor that led the session has a Doctorate in Psychology and she presented all the health and emotional benefits of meditation--in which she instructs her patients to help heal themselves.

I have done meditation off and on during the course of my life and the thing I struggled on my own is the visualization process.  In the session this morning, the instructor led us through a bustling city to find a singular inviting door off the alleyway, we are then led through corridors and down a few steps into an olde world library.  She made us visualize a large, dusty old book and flip through the blank pages.  She said now imagine you write down everything that bothers you, hurts you, worries you and watch those pages filled with your writing, and as you do so, you will soon begin to feel lighter, releasing all that anger, sadness and fear.

It was the most powerful visualization exercise I think I have ever partaken in.  The tears started rolling down my face, luckily and hopefully everybody's eyes were closed, too.  I indeed felt lifted and lighter in spirit. She said we should carve out at least five minutes a day in silence and with ourselves.

I think I can do that.  In fact, I will.  Maybe you should try it, too.  There are a gazillion of guided meditation to be found online as well as YouTube, as well as the self-help books and cds, so you have many resources available to you.  The question is do you want to unclutter your mind and world and operate at your optimum level?  Then there is no reason not to.

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